Pebble Sign

Your identity has every right to look beautiful.

Pebble sign is a customized handmade premium name plate, inspired from curved shape of pebbles. We believe your name should shine brightly and speaks of your status symbol. Pebble Sign just simply do that.

Easy to clean.

Easy to clean

Pebble Sign can be cleaned easily with a warm soapy water or using a mild glass cleaner.

Corrosion resistance Pebble Sign

Corrosion resistance

FRP composites do not rust or corrode and PU layer over the top is addition to the beauty.


Premium Look

High gloss surface with beautiful pebble shape makes it look very high in class.

Weather Resistance

Resistance to heat and water makes it successful in sunny and rainy atmosphere. It maintains a constant temperature.

Great Letters Legibility

Easily readable fonts are used to maintain maximum legibility at the desired distance.


Another reason to love.

Black, Tan Brown, Gold, Silver and White. All finishes as gorgeous as Pebble itself.

36_Colours copy.jpg

Lifelong letters

Great artwork life.

Letters are embedded under a high gloss thick polyurethane layer,
and makes it life long.



Inspired by nature.

It's sophisticated orgnical shape was inspired by beauty of nature and curved lines of pebbles.


Made with FRP

Versatility is the reason for using
Fibre Reinforced Plastics

FRP Properties:
Corrosion Resistance
Impact Resistance
Light Weight
Superior Strength
High Performance
Temperature Performance


Technically speaking.


Untitled-1Sign Width381 mm or 15 inchSign Height381 mm or 15 inchName23.5 mm or 0.92 inchHome No.82.5 mm or 3.25 inchStreet Name17.5 mm or 0.67 inchSign Thickness52.5 mm or 2 inchStud Length20 mm or 0.75 inch


Letter visibility distance for letter height of 3 inch
Distance for best impact - 30 feet
Max. readable distance - 100 feet

Weight, Colours, Design

5.62 pounds (2.55 kg) approx.
*Size and weight vary by colour and manufacturing process.

Black  -  White  -  Tan Brown  -  Gold  -  Silver

Made with FRP
Embedded letters with thick PU
Superhydrophobic Coating

In The Box

Pebble Home Sign
Fixing Hardware (Set of 3)
Allen Key
Installation Manual
Level Paper & Holes Marking