Startup is designing smallest aspect for your home

People have a usual tendency to associate technology with Science. But this millennium has witnessed a massive transformation as science and art have somewhat started overlapping each other. Design has become as much a technology as an art. It is common for us to think of technology in the form of a smartphone or a smart TV, but there needs to be an acceptance that modern design is an important aspect for products to become successful. Take Apple iPhone for instance, the most striking feature when it launched was its sleek design with just one button. (It is widely believed that Steve Jobs hated buttons and thus was always spotted wearing a round neck tee)

This new startup based in India in the city of Ludhiana (a prominent Industrial town in the state of Punjab) is adding a small touch of utility in your home. Their products are coupled both with technology and design. The modern man associates his identity a lot more with the material things around him and the most prominent could be the home one resides in. And this company called “Flambird” has designed an innovative identity for the modern man called “Pebble Sign”. It is a premium customized home nameplate inspired from curve shape of pebbles. It is made from a highly sophisticated polymer and has qualities like resistance from corrosion and can be easily cleaned using a mild glass cleaner.


On looking closely, it is easy to observe the high quality finish of the nameplate and it is something which every visitor to the home will notice at the first instance. The text will be legible and will have an easy viewing distance. Flambird wants it not just to be a nameplate but a symbol of the homeowner’s identity.

One important aspect of the contemporary consumerism is that the product should definitely be appealing and appeal is given more weightage than even the utility at times. And the thus the person who designs the product, the designer, plays a very important role in the success of the product. The pebble sign has a design, which has been inspired from nature. The founders at Flambird have an unparalleled eye for detail and elegance, which is the reason for the extraordinary appealing design of the nameplate or the “Pebble Sign”. And it is not just design but also the science behind it, which makes it extremely durable and an all weather exterior home furnishing product.

Flambird is a new age firm and will eventually become a design innovation hub for home furnishing products. Pebble Sign is just the beginning of a journey that will transform home design in a way Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA did.

The wait for the product won't be long as the company is planning to launch it very soon. Visit the website to know more about the product.

Harman Preet