The land of innovation

The progress of any country is measured by various factors, one of them being the rate of growth of science and technology. Science through its innovations and inventions has transformed the way in which people live. Apart from making their lives comfortable, it has increased the connectivity amongst people and made the world knowledge intensive. According to a recent report by one of the leading magazines, India is the world’s fourth fastest growing economy. Even though there have been fluctuations due to recent economic changes still the growth continues.

Innovation is an ongoing process, similarly in India has contributed a fair share of innovations and inventions. As most of us have studied in history and science, innovations have been a part of India since a very long time. It has been a land of inventors and innovators. Right from Ayurveda in 5000BCE to origins of Yoga to buttons to rulers to plastic surgery to grammar to diamonds to number to famous invention of ‘zero’ by Aryabhatta. Adding further to the innovations India gave to the world- shampoo, raman effect, spinning wheel; the accomplishments are numerous. Some of the famous contributors include – C.V. Raman, Aryabhatta, Salim Ali, Homi Bhabha and J.C. Bose amongst others.

Taking a look at the various innovations India has to offer, the list seems endless. Every field has something or the other to present; whether it is medicine or space science or agriculture or automobile industry or food. Some of the latest innovations which India proudly boats include smartphone-turned-malaria detector, edible cutlery, cardboard boxes turned into desks, streets made of plastic, solar seeder, reversible benches at public places, umbrella for five people and cancer molecule inhibitor. The pace of research activities in the fields of biotechnology, physics, engineering biology and chemistry is also commendable.

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The most fascinating amongst these is something as basic as edible utensils! It is a brainchild of former ICRISAT researcher, TEDX speaker- Narayana Peesapaty. His consistent hard work and dedication gave to the world a completely new form of spoons and forks which can be consumed after usage. This cutlery is 100% vegetarian and preservative free. The ingredients used are grains without any added chemicals or preservatives. The most interesting part is that these spoons and forks come in different flavours- sweet, plain and salty. It is a ‘Make-In-india’ venture with one of the aims being reduction of plastic usage. Their future plans include introduction of chopsticks, salad bowls and dessert spoons.

India’s creativity and progressing innovation has contributed significantly to both the private and public sectors of the country. There are new age startups which have become hubs of innovation in India. One such startup is Flambird based in Northern India. It has been founded by a very passionate interior designer, who has a keen eye for detail and fine things. The company has the mantra of being successful by being innovative. It is a design company inspired from the best and would always deliver the best. It would be interesting to see the range of products which Flambird would roll out.

Harman Preet