Innovation - Not just in technology

Upon hearing the word ‘innovation’, the first thought which comes to the mind is ‘technology’. People generally limit innovation to latest gadgets they see in the market. We seldom realize that innovation is a fairly broader term which encompasses various fields like art, design and even something as basic as food amongst others. Innovation means thinking of a new idea, product or method. Its central aim is to fulfil need of the people along with providing additional benefits. Everyday many new things are innovated, some become a success while others fail to attract the targeted audience.

Most of companies at the global scale invest huge sums of money on the innovation of their products and services. A shirt we buy from a branded store in our city has been made in different corners of the world. Starting from cultivating cotton crops in India to designing in Italy to sewing in Bangladesh and final branding in London; almost everything we buy today has been made a reality because of the consistent efforts and innovation of various people worldwide. The idea to spread the whole process of manufacturing is itself an innovative scheme. It is essential to keep improvising and innovating in order to keep up with the competition as the products become old-fashioned within a few weeks. It is rightly said, innovation is the key to survival.


One such Indian product design company, bringing some impressive innovations for its customers, is Flambird. In its products, it tries to integrate innovations in sophisticated lifestyle trends. Just beginning to take off, the company focuses is on providing creative products with enhanced designs for your abodes and workplaces.  One of the recently launched products by Flambird is the pebble sign are distinctive customized exclusive nameplates. As the name suggests, it brings to your home nature but with a brush of elegance.  Inspired by the shape of pebbles, these signs soothe the entire atmosphere of your place. The pebble signs with their extraordinary design give an enchanting aura.

The real pebbles we see on the riverside are of different colours and sizes. These pebble signs also come in different colours ranging from White to Black to Tan Brown to Gold and Silver. One of the most innovative and of course useful feature of these number plates is that they are corrosion resistant. The FRP composites do not rust. Moreover, there is a PU layer on them which not only protects them but also gives them a polished finish. In a world where uniqueness is dying, these pebble sign can be customized according to your own preferences. The interesting yet surprising part is that these are all handmade. Well, this is something we all crave for! We’re always on a look out for something which nobody else owns. The features of this versatile product do not end here; the letters are embedded under a high gloss thick polyurethane layer with super hydrophobic coating. Pebble sign is a perfect example of innovation.

So, it is time to broaden our horizons and explore the innovations not just in technology but other areas as well.

Jagjit Jassal