Five innovative must have products

We live in a world which is continuously evolving and innovating. Globalisation has made the world a smaller place where everything has become easily accessible. Every day the market is flooded with new types of gadgets and products which aim at making our lives easier and convenient. There is a huge variety to choose from, whether it is for home or workplace, one can browse endlessly from the options available. Here are a few innovative products you must own:


Self-Stirring Mug


The most annoying part about drinking coffee or tea is when you have to keep stirring to dissolve the sugar. This simple yet unique product will solve your problem. The self-stirring mug, as the name suggests does not need any external help, it has a motor which does your work. So, in the mornings when you have to rush to work, it does all the work for you. The mug is easily available on all leading e commerce websites like and starts from $5.


Pebble Sign


A completely unique product made by Flambird, pebble sign is an innovative way to put up your name plate. The earthy pebble shape and the sheen finish makes this product perfect for your homes. The curves of this name plate remind us of original pebbles. Its shape gives it an extra edge, taking us to the riverside with pebbles all around. The product has a protective coating and is available in five different colors. You can choose according to the décor of your home. 


3D Doodling Pen


It is the century of technological advancements. 3rd dimensional, 4th dimensional are words people often relate to movies or science. This pen takes 3rd dimension to a completely different level. This pen lets you draw things in 3D! Imagine drawing a Taj Mahal with a pen which can actually stand. With the doodle pens you can draw beyond the limits of an A4 size paper and go into the real world. It lets you draw horizontally and vertically, anywhere you want! It is available in many versions across various platforms, but the pioneer was This product will not burn a hole in your pocket and will cost you somewhere around $15-$18.


 Alarm Jars


Food is everyone’s weakness. When it comes to diet, the work becomes tougher. It takes a huge degree of self-control to stop oneself from grabbing chocolate chip cookie or caramel cheesecake or potato chips. These alarm jars can make the work quite easy for you. They come with alarms which once set do not let the jar be opened before the set time. It can help you a lot in exercising self-control and completing the never-ending t-do list. These jars can also be used to lock away play stations for some time. These jars are currently a rage in the UK at


Portable Table Tennis


The people who live in apartments are well aware of the problems of space management. If you are a sports enthusiast then the problem seems bigger. Finding a place to set up snooker boards or table tennis amongst others, is quite tough. This portable table tennis is actually a door which can be transformed into a table tennis when you wish to let out the sports freak in you. It does not occupies unnecessary space y functioning as any other door. You can easily get one for yourself from Target in the USA with prices ranging from $60 and can go as high as $120.

Harman Preet