What's in a name?

“What’s in a Name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.” This is the very famous quotation by one of the greatest English poets, William Shakespeare. But the founders of this startup from North India, called Flambird, did a great deal of contemplation before they finalized the name for their company.

The driving force behind this startup is an energetic young man, Jagjit Jassal who is an interior designer by profession. Right from his childhood he was inclined towards design and creativity. These prompted him to dropout from Business Administration Program at University and opt for his forte, Interior Design. After successfully graduating as an Interior Designer, he worked with a renowned Architecture and Interior Design Firm. As of today he runs his own interior design consultancy that is very popular in the town and he is a successful man by all means.


Jagjit is the kind of person who is never stagnant and is always striving to achieve more. The inspiration for the name “Flambird” comes from the bird flamingo. Jagjit always wanted to name his venture with something related to a bird, as he believes in a work system that is very free to create and innovate. This is the mantra on which Flambird has been built. The reason for choosing Flamingo Bird is also interesting to note. This creative enterprise is inspired from the long flights taken by Flamingos to far off places and the impressions of happiness they leave wherever they go.

The first product being launched by Flambird is a unique home design product called “Pebble Sign”. It is a contemporary nameplate made of very fine polymer. The look and design have been inspired from nature. It is a very durable product and comes in five colors to pick and choose from. It is coated with a very high quality paint, which gives it an attractive finish. It is a handcrafted product and has the ability to define the identity of the homeowner.

A very capable team is in place at Flambird to assist Jagjit in achieving his dream. Jagjit wants Flambird to be a company associated with creativity, design and innovation. Very soon other products will be rolled out from Flambird. The team is already working on these and very soon they will reveal their master creations. Most of these products would be linked to home designs and contemporary styling. Flambird does a creative thing of combining utility and elegant design.

Jagjit is a very unassuming person when someone meets him in person. His humility and courteous nature is sure to catch ones attention. His own name “Jagjit” means “Conqueror of the World” and very soon he will definitely be the conqueror of the home design world.

Find out more about Flambird and its products by visiting www.flambird.com or visiting our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/flambird

Jagjit Jassal